What are the different types of backing available?

We currently offer three types of backing, Safety Backing, Foil Backing and Bomb Film. Call a member of our friendly sales team to find out more.

Safety Backing

Safety backing film is often applied to mirrored glass to prevent shards of glass from falling dangerously if there is a breakage. The main benefits of using safety backing are, to strengthen the glass / mirror against breakage and help to prevent the risk of sharp fragments.

Foil Backing

Foil backing is used to help protect against moisture and is recommended in areas of high condensation. This is perfect for application on bathroom mirrors. It also helps protect a mirror from the adhesive used to secure it to a wall.

Bomb Film

Nearly 90% of all injuries in a bomb blast is caused by smashed flying glass. Our bomb blast protection films make glass safe from bomb blasts or any other type of explosion, such as a plant explosion. It is also highly effective against windstorms. In the event of a blast, the bomb blast film will hold the glass together and in the event of a break will often remain in the frame. This will dramatically reduce injuries and damage.

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