What is the best material to make my template out of?

Use a hard material such as hardboard. This should be easier for you to work with and provides us with the required stability and strength for us to plot against glass and mirror sheets.


Our state of the art CNC machinery allows us to manufacture our glass products to the very highest standards. Using your templates we will ensure that the final product is exactly as you require. Drawings can be sent to us as DXF files which will then be loaded onto our CNC machines, ensuring an accurate and precise product is produced. We will usually collect your templates.


Templates sent to us will need to be plotted into our systems. Templates need to be made of a rigid material such as hardboard as this will minimise any errors, improve delivery and make the process a whole lot more effective. Your templates can not be stuck or screwed together as they often come apart during transit and can lead to errors in the manufacturing process. Templates are normally returned after production however we may keep hold of them for repeat orders.

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