Does glass need to be toughened?

Health & Safety restrictions increasingly require glass to be toughened according to its size and use. We will advise you when this is necessary.

How quickly can you toughen a piece of glass?

Glass can be toughened the same day if required. A member of our sales team would be glad to assist.

How much stronger is toughened glass?

The surface on toughened glass is 4 times stronger than annealed glass.

Is toughened glass fireproof?


What's the largest size of toughened glass you can supply?

We toughen our Glass in house. Our size restrictions are 3000mm x 1500mm by 25mm thick. Please contact us if you require larger dimensions.

What is the smallest size of toughened glass you supply?

100mm x 205mm.

BS EN 12150

Toughened glass is also referred to as tempered glass and is up to four times stronger than ordinary glass. If broken it disintegrates into small fragments with dulled edges that are unlikely to cause serious injury. Our toughened safety glass is BS EN 12150 approved and has passed all the relevant tests and accreditations which include tolerances, flatness, edge-work and fragmentation.

Highest Quality

To toughen our glass we use a roller hearth flat glass tempering furnace. This has been installed with the very latest Windows based control software and state of the art convection system with unique quench air balance. Our tempering furnace will toughen all types of glass including hard and soft coated low E glass to the relevant standards.

Toughened Own Glass

We offer a ‘Toughened own Glass’ Service to Glass processors. This can be provided with Edge, Face or no Stamp.

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